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Hello and welcome to How to Pitch Editors and Get Them to Publish Your Writing in Newspapers and Magazines You Know and Love and Make a Respectable Amount of Money From it Along the Way. I’m Hugh – journalist, writer, food consultant, and your host and mentor for the duration.

Getting published in magazines, newspapers, and blogs can be hard. Oh my god hard. I’ve been doing it for 5-plus years, but the realities are evident very quickly – it’s an art that can take years to perfect, often leading to frustration, figurative black holes, and fears of rejection.

So, put off yet? Don’t be. Landing a pitch and getting published is one of the most satisfying things in writing. Ultimately, you can use it to become recognised as an expert in your field. Or simply write about your favourite things in life, be they Belgian turbo folk, cosplay, or laundry tablets.

Hell, if you want it to, writing features and getting them published can become the thing that pays the bills.

In my first pitch ever, I landed a piece with The Guardian. 1,000 pitches later, I’m in the Independent, Time Out, and more specialist titles like Great British Chefs and Ferment.

I know what makes a good pitch. And I’m happy to share that knowledge with you. I’ll teach you how to land your stories with the best-paying publications out there. Along with the fiddly bits of our favourite little game, like negotiating for better fees, landing regular gigs, and the black magic of tracking down editors’ email addresses.

Sound good? If you’re looking for a quote, want to book some time with me, or just need some quick advice, hit me up and let’s see what we can do.